Rotary Summercamp Roslagen 2022


  • 2022-08-28 – 2202-09-04, 7 days.
  • 2022-08-21 – 2202-08-27, 7 days (almost) FULL!

If this is full we will do another camp the week after (2022-08-28).

Kapellskärs Camping north of Stockholm. Nearest airport is Arlanda. You organize and pay for your own travel arrangements to and from Arlanda. Rotary organizes pick up at the airport and transfer to the Camp. We can organize other pick ups on request.

30 Partisipants, 15-25 years old from all over the world.

The Partisipants will stay at Kapellskärs Camping in the hostel och in simple cottages.
Accommodation, all food, local transport, entrance fees and free WiFi in camp is included.
Health insurance, visa etc. are the entire responsibility of the Partisipants.
All Partisipants must follow swedish rules (covid-19).


Deadline for application

Camp fee
690 Euro. The will be invoiced.

Partisipants will stay for 7 day at Kapellskärs Camping.
Partisipants stay together for all 7 days and are responsible for daily routines like dishwashing and keeping the place tidy. You’ll have plenty opportunities to develop relations and take responsibility.
The Camp is a camping place. All Partisipants will sleep in the hostel or in simple cottages.
The Camp is located in Kapellskär. The hostel is here. The camping is here.

What to bring
Check the weather on before you pack.
Its summer in Sweden, average temperatures 18-21C. You may have rain, sun, wind …
Evenings may be chilly.
Bring a jacket, a light sweater, good walking shoes (no need for hiking boots), sandals or similar
for the bathroom, swimsuit (we are at the beach), towel(s), your choice of personal necessities, etc.
A music instrument or other ways to entertain your group at the camp fire in the evenings is
One of the first days you will introduce yourself, your family, and our country. Bring whatever you
feel could help you with the presentation: Photos on your computer/USB memory stick, your

Program (preliminary)

  • Sunday Kapellskär
  • Monday Stockholm, old town
  • Tuesday Norrtälje Stand Up Paddling
  • Wednesday Mariehamn Åland
  • Thursday Gräddö Kayaking
  • Friday Kapellskär
  • Saturday Stockholm Gröna Lund
  • Sunday Arlanda

Anders Eriksson DC in 2350 Sweden +46(0)733919940.

Application form
Download, fill in and send the application form to our contact.