Virtuellt utbyte

Ladda ner vår broischyr

Virtuellt utbyte med Brasilien. I mitten av april kommer vi att starta ett utbytet med Brasiien.

Du kommer att få:

  • lära dig portugisiska
  • lära känna personer i Brasilien (och Sverige)
  • virtuella utflykter t ex till Amazonas och se rosa delfiner.

Duration: april – june 2021

Every student:

  • is matched with an other student.
  • gets a Rotex mentor.
  • Every week (12 weeks)
  • language lesson 1 hr/week.
  • group meeting 1 hr/week.
  • 1-2-1 meetings

Every month (3 months)

  • Rotex event


  • Food
  • Culture
  • Sights
  • Folklore
  • Sports

Brazil is one of the largest Countries in the World with 210 million people. District 4420 is located in São Paulo Metropolitan & Coast in Brazil. It means that we have different size of cities and different environmental places in our District.

We are in 78 Rotary Clubs and we have 81 volunteers involved directly in Youth Exchange Program and NGSE (New Generations Service Exchange). Among them there are a physician, a psychologist and a lawyer.

We are used to make Long Term, Short Term, and Summer Camp and recently we started to make Virtual Exchange Program with success. Throughout the exchange the students participate in different social activities with their families, their host clubs, Interact clubs, Rotex and their school perhaps in a virtual way nowadays.

D4420 YEP Members also have the help of Rotex 4420 throughout the year and during the virtual exchange they have planned different cultural events, workshops, tours and games. The students also have the opportunity to participate in Belo Brasil trips to Brazilian Amazon, Northeast, Rio de Janeiro, Pantanal and Iguazu Falls. During Virtual exchange we offered as Big trip to Brazilian Amazon that is a tour in the middle of the Amazon jungle, exploring the forest, pink dolphins, fauna and flora and much more.

We are the largest district in Sweden. We have 65 Rotary clubs and 3000 Rotarians. The district consist of the northern half of Stockholm, Uppsala an old university town and other cities.

Stockholm is famous for its archipelago with 30000 islands. Swedish relation with nature is very special and everybody has right to roam pretty much anywhere.

Last year we had 15 in- and outbound student exchange. For inbound student we have visited Åre a ski resort, Kiruna the most northern city in Sweden famous for the mines, Helsinki capital of Finland via a ferry across the archipelago, visit an ice-hotel and when we are in luck we get to see the Northern Lights.

In the winter there are 6 hours of sun and in the summer it never gets dark and if far enough north the sun never sets. May and June can be the most special months when nature explodes in colors.

To celebrate the high point of summer we have a traditional ”midsummer” party with food and small frog dance. Yes, even adults participate.

We plan to share with our virtual students a large range of Swedish experiences and sites. Visit a viking museum and experience how people lived in the viking times, view a perfectly preserved warship that sunk on maiden trip in 1626 called the Wasa, among many other Swedish customs and sites.